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please-do-not-feed-fearI never would have thought that politics and society would or could motivate a change in my life. Until a short while ago my main focus was completely on meditation and yoga. But then the world around me started to change to an extend that I could not ignore it anymore. For five years I had been trying to escape the developments which became increasingly intimidating and manipulative in respect of everbody’s individual life. Therefore I had been searching for a new home. I lived and worked at three very different places: Den Haag (Netherlands), Dessau (Germany) und (New) Delhi (India). The outcome of this quest was the realization that we are dealing with a global problem. Colored by different cultures and filtered through their respective traditions we are confronted with Greed and Fear as primary motivators for human action worldwide. The flip side of the same coin manifests itself in unimaginable Wealth and an insatiable hunger for Power. As a person claiming to lead a spiritual life I could not stay indifferent to the increasing suffering these developments are causing. I had to take action. The first result of this decision is this blog. I don’t believe in ideologies or weltanschauungen nor do I think that mass movements or revolutions will offer a solution for the problem. I do think that most people on this planet are not in touch with their inner compass anymore. The majority asks questions like: „What will I get out of it!“ or „Will it hurt me and my loved ones!“ Almost nobody asks anymore „Is this right or wrong?“ I believe that the human race is in the process of loosing its conscience. Conscience is the path toward true humanness. Finding one’s true conscience is not a group endeavor. It is an action to be taken by each individual on their own. Therefore I write for the individual. I write so YOU (!) can read it.

We have reached a point at which humanity will act beyond ideology, faith, race or gender, at least the part of humanity who can make a difference. It does not matter whether you’re a right wing conservative or a left wing alternative, Christian, Hindu or Muslim, colored or white, man or woman, hetero or lgbt. If you really listen to your conscience without the restrictions of your social environment or your personal believes you will do the humane thing which is always the right thing. Once you arrive at your conscience it becomes very easy because it is the human truth … and this truth is always simple. The human truth is the honest answer to the question: „If my actions have effects, would I want to suffer the consequences myself? Or my family? Or my friends and loved ones?“ or „How would I want to be treated in the same situation? Or my family? Or my friends and loved ones?“ For some people it would just mean to buy no more plastic bags. Others might pack their stuff and work in a refugee camp. It is all up to you personally. But if people start to act according to their own conscience the destructive forces on this planet immediately will be weakened.

You may say that it is impossible to make people to face themselves with the required degree of honesty, that human beings have fears and therefore will always take the path of the least resistance.

In most cases that is true. But I am sure there are enough people who actually are ready to take this step. They can form a critical mass to initiate significant change!

We don’t have to organize ourselves or attent meetings … 
We just have to act honestly according to our own conscience in all we do! 

We live in scary times. And I’m sure that this is only the beginning. So let’s face our fears voluntarily because sooner or later we will be confronted with them anyway!


is the enemy of the anxious, 

the teacher of the brave

and the friend of the determined.

Choose who you want to be. 


Johannes Bönig


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