About Me


I was born in South-West-Germany in a small town with tenthousand citicens. Catholic, conservative, waiting to be liberated by what means of liberation the world might offer. In rural Germany the Sixties happened in the Seventies … and therefore I naturally became a hippie. Next to my school I followed secretely ballet classes and at a certain point I decided to make it a profession … very much to the disappointment of my parents. I finished school, did not join the army and was out of Germany briefly before I turned twenty. For ten years I mainly lived in the Netherlands interupted by a study visit to the U.S. and many work stays in Switzerland and Austria. In Oktober 1989 the Berlin wall fell. In March 1990 I was choreographing at the Semper Opera in Dresden where I became ballet director shortly after. When I left this position I decided to stay in Dresden and founded a free lance company. For years I helped to build up the independent dance scene in Dresden. My carrier as a choreographer was quite successful and satisfying. But I also was interested in other stuff … particularly yoga and meditation. I visited India for the first time in 2001. This trip changed me completely. I wasn’t searching anymore. From now on I was trying to understand what I had found. Professionally I did many things in the years after. But whatever I did didn’t define me anymore. I can be an artist, I can be a dance teacher, a yoga teacher, I can be a lover, a husband and a father … but these things are neither what nor who I am.

fb-logo-johannesAt the age of thirteen I started to become interested in meditation. When I was twentythree I found a spiritual teacher and made a commitment. Since that time I meditate on a daily basis. There are other spiritual exercises I engage in of which hatha yoga is very important. For years I was convinced that spiritual self-realization was not a work which could or should be related to the material world which surrounds us. Until I started to understand that this world which surrounds us materially is the very cradle of our spirituality and therefore has to be nurtured and cared for!

Times changed very much in my lifetime. Gender equality was a cursed word when I was a child. Homosexuality had just become legal about which good people did not talk. Sex before, without or outside marriage was impossible and women were not supposed to have a lustful sex life at all. Racism did not exist since there were no foreigners around anyways. Things developed to the better … in these years since then … until a short while ago sensitive people started to feel that things went wrong … somehow. That’s when I decided that my spiritual life made it an imperative to act upon the negative developments on our planet …

… and I decided to write this blog.