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Johannes&SumitIndia is the home of my soul. Many Indian people told me that I was born in the wrong country. I understand many things about India intuitively. Hinduism as well as the Indian Islam feel very familiar to me. Even though I don’t look Indian at all often people mistake me for Indian when I’m in India. Whenever I am there a part very deep inside myself starts to relax. In all other countries my behavior feels like an explanation of who I am. In India who I am is my behavioral pattern. No explanations. Even though I love the Indian subcontinent with all my heart I also see what the globalization is doing to this place. The Indian society is now about at the same point where the European society was when I was born. Many very good things are happening in India now. But I also see that this country is slowly losing its identity. From this love and concern comes the wish to have an Indian section in this blog. So whenever I feel that I want to write about something concerning India 

and the Indian people I will blog it under


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